• Qualification day two: Six Swedes in action

    Three countries will dominate the second day of qualification action at RC Hotel Open. Six home players, three players from Germany and two from France will be battling for a place in the final round of the qualification. Day two action will also include players from Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Switzerland and Spain.

    The first day of the tournament saw a few all Swedish battles with some nerves included. The question is if someone can raise their game one more level in the second round and knock off their higher ranked opponents? Fred Simonsson was challenged by Filip Malbasic who took an early lead in the second set before Simonsson pulled through a victory in straight sets. He now faces Germanys sixth seed Mats Moraing. Another tight set in the opening day of the qualification was the first one between Carl Söderlund and Jonathan Mridha. 18 year old Söderlund won it by 7-5 and followed up with 6-3 to advance for a meeting with number three seed Dzmitry Zhyrmont from Belarus. Milos Sekulic proved to be to strong and experienced for Robin Thour who got his wild card to the Challenger tournament by winning a local tournament in Jonkoping a couple of weeks back. Christoffer Solberg and Patrik Rosenholm were Swedish players knocking off players from Poland and Germany.

    See the draw and order of play here!